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Finding The Best Paper Guillotine For Your Home Office

If you are a hobbyist, photographer, or a paper crafter, then you will deal with cutting tasks regularly. You might think that you are quite accurate with scissors, but a paper guillotine will always produce a better and more professional finish. We’ve picked out what we feel are the best paper guillotines.

Paper Guillotine Features

Making sense of the best product for you can be easier if you compare the key features of a paper guillotine. Each feature should be compared so that you can make a solid purchase. The basics features are:

1. Blade

This might come off as fairly obvious, but any good paper cutter needs to have a sharp blade. It’s not only important for increasing the machine’s efficiency but a duller blade can even ruin your paper stack. If you cut many sheets at once, it’s probably best to choose a model with a quality blade. If the blade is sharp enough, the paper shouldn’t move as it pushes the blade through the stack, and it should be able to cut at least 10 sheets. If you’re cutting average-sized photographs and smaller items then a cutter with a 12” cut length will be more than sufficient.

2. User-friendliness

Whatever cutter you decide to buy, it’s got to be convenient to use. A good quality paper cutter enables you to cut straight lines with ease and without feeling like a complicated effort. The many of the top paper guillotines below have a paper cutting template so that you can easily cut straight lines and measure out what you are cutting. Some cutting trimmers feature a guide for aligning paper for accurate cuts, others have a clamp to press the paper down so that it doesn’t move while cutting. There are literally hundreds of different paper guillotines available so you will be able to find a suitable model that will fit your needs.

3. Durability

Pay attention to the material quality of different paper cutters. If you wish to make a bigger investment, to get a machine that offers long lasting service, it’s strongly recommended to make sure that it can cut reliably in time. If you’re getting a plastic machine, it ideally needs to be a durable, reinforced type and not the cheap kind.

4. Type
Paper cutters come in a variety of sizes to suit different types of jobs. Generally, paper cutters are divided into rotary trimmers and paper guillotine cutters.

  • Rotary trimmers have employ a round blade, which moves along in a guide bar, and are capable of handling 15 to 50 sheets of paper per cut, delivering straight and extremely precise cuts. They are most commonly used in photography, craftwork, office work, and small household projects.
  • Paper guillotine cutters typically feature a straight or curved blade with a lever. These professional cutters are able to cut through up to 800 sheets of paper at a time and prove effective in such big projects as printing works and large-scale photo production.

5. Price

More expensive paper guillotines can save you a lot of headache in the long run and you should make sure that your particular needs are covered. Buying a cheaper, budget friendly cutter, may do the job well but may not offer all the features you need.

Top 5 Paper Guillotines

Rexel ClassicCut CL100 A4 Guillotine

Avery A4 TR002 Trimmer

Avery A4 PG360 Precision Guillotine

Fellowes Stellar A3 Office Guillotine

Fellowes Neutrino Rotary Trimmer with SafeCut Blade

If your looking to buy a paper guillotine or trimmer you can search for the most popular and highly rated paper guillotines by manufacturer, or paper size, or view all guillotines in our shop.