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What Are Paper Guillotines?

Paper guillotines (also referred to as paper cutters or paper trimmers) are devices often used in the home, office or even classroom. These tools are designed to cut multiple pieces of paper to a high accuracy, leaving a perfecting straight edge.

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Safety Features

Since paper cutters have become more well known, popular manufacturers including Avery and Fellowes have ensured that the products are as safe as possible. In the modern age these cutters are used to cut large stacks of paper, cardboard and other similar materials. With the sharp blades moving up and down safety guards are fitted to the majority of all guillotines. These finger guards prevent users from accidentally cutting themselves while using the apparatus. The blade guard is by far the most important feature on a guillotine cutter. When choosing a guillotine always consider one with a blade guard.


Paper guillotines are not a new product to the market; they have been in use for around 200 years. Guillotines were first introduced in the 1830s and consisted of a fixed blade affixed to a flat surface. Paper was then inserted and cut. Improvements were made when the devices became more popular in the mid 19th century.

Since the first paper guillotine was invented the design has only changed slightly. A large selection of paper cutters are available, which vary in size from around 30 centimeters (ideal for trimming A4 paper) to over 100 centimeters (Ideal for A0 paper). Despite the size the majority of guillotines are marked with a grid on the base to help the user align paper prior to trimming. A ruler also assists in measuring and securing the paper in place.